How to Uninstall Adblock Plus Add-on in Firefox?

Enable, Disable, Remove Adblock Plus Add-on from Firefox.

Remove Adblock Plus

Steps on how to Uninstall Adblock Plus Add-on in Firefox?
Step 1: Click on Tools → Add-ons in the menu bar.
Add On Step 1
Step 2: Go to Extensions Tab in the Add-ons Manager. You could find here the list of add-ons installed.
Adblock Plus Disabled
Step 3: You could temporarily disable the add-on by clicking on the Disable button. This would stop the extension temporarily. You could enable the same whenever required by clicking on the Enable button again.
Adblock Plus Disabled
Step 4: To uninstall the add-on from the browser, Click on the Remove button. This would remove the AdBlock Plus extension from the firefox browser.
Abblock Plus Removed

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