How to Configure Adblock Plus Add-on in Firefox

Configuring Adblock Plus Add-on in Firefox

Install Adblock Plus (ABP)

Learn here how to configure Adblock Plus add-on in Firefox with simple steps.
Step 1: There are two options to go to Add ons tab in firefox.
Option 1: Click on Tools →Add-ons option in the menu bar to open the Add-ons Manager Tab in your firefox browser. You could also use the shortcut key CTRL+SHIFT+A to perform the same.
Add On Step 1
Option 2: Click on the Firefox Menu Icon on the Tool bar and select Add-ons.
Add On Step 2
Step 2: Search for the Adblock Plus extension inside the Add-ons Manager Tab.
Add On Step 3
Search for Adblock.
Search Adblock
Search results for the Adblock are displayed.
Adblock Addons List
Step 3: Click on the Install Button near the Adblock Plus extension.
Adblock Install
Downloading Adblock Plus.
Download Adblock Plus
Step 4: Your Adblock Plus add-on extension is now successfully installed.
Abblock Plus Installed

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