How to Use Adblock Plus Filter Preferences in Firefox?

Using Adblock Plus Filter Preferences in Firefox.

Filter Preferences

Learn here how to use Adblock Plus Filter Preferences in Firefox with simple steps.
Adblock Plus have default filterlist named EasyList which contains elements that are to be blocked. The filterlist helps you to block default ad elements that are specified in the list when you open a webpage. You could also add new filterlist to block the items you feel its annoying.
Step 1: Click on ABP icon on the toolbar and select "Filter Preferences" to open the AdBlock Plus Filter Preferences pop-up window. You could also do this by using the shortcut key CTRL+SHIFT+F
Filter Preferences
Step 2: AdBlock Plus filter subscriptions are shown with a EasyList.
Filter Subscriptions
Click on the dotted lines shown as circled to view the Elements that are blocked by default. You could unblock or block an element by clicking on the tick mark near the element.
Filter Rule
Step 3: Click on "Add filter subscription", and open the drop-down menu for the filterlist subscriptions to add new/more filters.
Add Filter Subscription
Step 4:
Create new filter group by navigating to Custom Filters → Add Filter Group.
Add Filter Group
Step 5: Add filter element to the new group created by clicking on the Add Filter button at the top right corner.
Add Filter
Step 6: Click on the Actions button near the filter to Edit/Delete/Show/Hide the new filter group created.
New Filter Actions

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