How to Disable / Enable Ads using Adblock Plus in Firefox?

Enabling and Disabling Ads using Adblock Plus in Firefox

Enable or Disable Advertisements

Learn here how to enable / disable advertisements using Adblock Plus in Firefox with simple steps.
Step 1: Once you install the Adblock Plus extension in your firefox browser you are automatically protected against all annoying ads!
Before Installing ABP
Disable On Example
After Installing ABP
No Ads Here
Step 2:
To Enable ads again, Click on the ABP icon on the tool bar and select Disable everywhere.
Disable Ads
You could see the ads enabled in the webpage now.
Disable Everywhere
Step 3: You could also disable the ABP from blocking ads for one particular website / webpage. This can be done by selecting "Disable on this page only" or "Disable on".
Disable On Shorttutorials
To Disable on this page only, will disable the ABP from blocking ads on the current page.
Diable On This Page Only
Step 4: Disable on will disable ABP from blocking ads on shorttutorials.
Before Disabling you could see no ads on shorttutorials.
No Ads Here
After Disabling you could see the ads.
Disable On Example
Step 5: To undo the action, and enable ABP, again click on the respective Disable options in the extension pop-up menu.
Disable Everywhere

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