How to Update Name Server Details in Hioxindia?

Short tutorial that explains you on how to update nameserver details in Hioxindia client login.

Name Server Update

In this short tutorial let us discuss on how to update nameservers for your domain name using Hioxindias client panel with step-by-step instructions explained using pictures.
Step 1: Login to your Hioxindia client account.
Goto HioxindiaLogin To Hioxindia
Step 2: Go to Orders → My Invoices
Goto My Invoices
Step 3: Select Domain from the menu.
Select Domain
Step 4: Choose the domain name for which you need to update the nameservers and click on the Name Servers.
Step 5: Remove the default nameservers and enter your nameserver. Now click on Update to update your nameserver.
Step 6: Once, the process is done, it would take some 5 to 24 hours for the propagation. Please wait until to see the changes reflect in your website.

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