How to Uninstall Tomcat Service?

A short tutorial that explains you on how to uninstall tomcat service.

Uninstall Tomcat Service

Refer the below step by step tutorial which explains you clearly on how to uninstall tomcat service with images.
Step 1: Go to HioxIndia Client login
Client Login
Step 2: Go to Orders →My Invoices
Goto My Invoices
Step 3: Click Uninstall option to uninstall the tomcat service.
Uninstall Tom
Step 4: Wait until the uninstallation process is completed.Uninstall
Step 5: Click Uninstall to continue as shown in the below image.
Step 6: Now Tomcat service is uninstalled successfully.
Note: If you need to install tomcat service, please refer to the below tutorial on
How to install tomcat service.

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