How to Transfer MB from Aircel to Aircel?

How do you transfer mobile data balance in Aircel?

Aircel Net Balance Transfer Code

Aircel provides an easy option to transfer the Internet package with your family circle and friends just by dialing the USSD code. Here is a tutorial that shows how to transfer MB from Aircel to Aircel.
How To Transfer MB From Aircel To Aircel
Adding Family Members
Transfer Aircel Net Balance
Step 1: Dial Aircel net balance transfer code *121*776#
Step 2: Add family members or friends.
Step 3: You can add upto 7 members. 1 member will be parent and other 6 members will be child subscribers.
Step 4: You have to pay Rs.15 for adding each member.

Removing Family Members
Step 1: Dial Internet data transfer USSD code *121*776#
Step 2: You can Remove family members or friends.
Step 3: You have to pay Rs.5 for removing each family members.

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