How to Transfer a Domain Name?

How do you make a domain name transfer?

Transfer a Domain to Another Registrar

Domain transfer is the process of transferring your domain name from the current registrar to the new registrar. You can transfer the domain when you find a better hosting company. You can initiate this simple process at any time as you are the domain owner and you are responsible to choose the ideal domain management. For example to transfer your domain from Godaddy to HIOX India you can proceed with the following steps.
How To Transfer Domain

Steps to Transfer Domain from One Registrar to Another

Step 1: Get a domain transfer authorization code (auth / epp code)

Step 2: Place a transfer order with gaining registrar for domain name transfer

Step 3: Confirm the Auth / EPP Code with Gaining Registrar for Domain Transfer

Step 4: Receive a confirmation mail from Gaining Registrar

Step 5: Get losing registrar approval for Domain Transfer

Step 6: Customer confirms the domain transfer from losing registrar to gaining registrar