How to Sit Properly in a Chair?

How to sit properly in office, kneeling chair to avoid back pain?

Office Chair Safety Tips

Follow the tips provided below to learn how to sit properly in a chair. Here provided some safety tips for sitting in office/kneeling chair at work or in front of a computer.
Support your Lower back
Push your lower back (i.e., hip) as far as back in the chair. To avoid back pain its important to provide proper support for the back.
Support Your Lower Back
Keep your back straight
To keep the body active, balanced and healthy, always have your back straight. This helps in getting rid of slouching or hunching the back.
Keep Your Back Straight
Adjust the Seat Height
Its important to adjust the chair height. Your chair height should be adjustable in a way that the feet should rest flat on the floor and the knees are straight to the hips or slightly lower than it.
Adjust Seat Height
Adjust the back position of Chair
The back of the chair should not be perfectly straight. Adjust it to slightly beyond the 90 degrees that supports the back position.
Adjust Back Position Of Chair
Adjust the armrests
When you are sitting for prolonged hours before the computers, then its ideal to adjust the armrests. Rest your arms comfortably in a 90-degree angle. If typing in keyboard, rest the wrist with your keyboard.
Sit Properly By Adjusting Armrests

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