How to Relax Yourself While Working on a Computer?

What are the steps to be followed to relax yourself while working on a computer for long hours?

Tips to Relax Yourself at Work

Even if you set to follow all the things mentioned earlier, what here we going to say more important. It is all about physical activity. No matter how far you are perfectly following the sitting positions, sitting constantly for long hours is always injuries to the the body. Here are the basic tips on how to relax yourself while working on a computer. Follow these tips to relax yourself at work while working for long hours.

Change your sitting positions often when you feel tired or dis-comfortable.
Take some one to three minutes break every 30 minutes.
After completing one hour of work, do stretches and walk out for few minutes. Do some other work for five to ten minutes.
Never dine your lunch before the computer. Go for more open space.
Often in a while, relax your eyes. Don't let it go dry. Look objects at distance or outside window.
Give a mild massage over eyes using the palm for 10 to 15 seconds.
Do twisting with your eyes.
Try to move along every now and then. Don't be in the same position.

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