Computer Monitor Setup

What would be the correct position for PC monitor setup?

Correct Position for PC Monitor

Monitor positions plays an important role. Proper screen positions helps in preventing eye strain, neck pain and shoulder fatigue. Give correct position for PC monitor screen and other source documents in-accordance with your neck. Read the tips from this simple computer monitor setup tutorial to relax your eyes and necks even for a prolonged hours.

Place your monitor an arm lengths away from you (i.e., 16 to 30 inches)
Computer Monitor Setup 3
The focus of the screen should be 2-3 inches above the seated eye level.
Position the monitor center of you, keeping next to the keyboard.
If you are bifocal, adjust the monitor as per your reading level.
Place your documents near the monitor screen or keep it between the keyboard and monitor using in-line copy stand to avoid twisting your neck too much.Computer Monitor Setup 2
Keep your workplace away from the glares.
Place the telephones within your reach. You can also use telephone stands and also keep all the needy objects, near your reach.
Computer Monitor Setup 1
Keep your screen at right angles to window.
Adjust the vertical screen angle and screen controls to reduce the glare from head lights.
You can also switch over to other techniques like optical glass, glare filters, light filters or secondary task lights to reduce the glare.

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