Keyboard Placement On Desk

What is the Proper Placement for Computer Keyboard and Mouse?

Proper Position for Computer Keyboard and Mouse

When you are all set in the comfortable position, you can continue your work in cool, composed and relaxed position, avoiding different types of musculoskeletal injuries. An adjustable keyboard setup is very important. It should be in a position not too far away from the mouse, telephone or other work materials. Follow the steps given in this keyboard placement on desk tutorial and keep it in mind when you are using the keyboard and mouse.

Give proper position for computer keyboard which is to be placed directly in-front of the body.
Keyboard And Mouse Placement 4
Keyboard setup is very important to use correctly. Adjust the height of the keyboard, in such a way that your shoulders are relaxed, elbows are slightly in the open position and your wrist and hands are straight.
Keyboard And Mouse Placement 1
Adjust the keyboard tray mechanism or keyboard feet, according to the sitting position.
Keyboard And Mouse Placement 2
Place the mouse close to the keyboard, to make access simple.
Keyboard And Mouse Placement 3
Use the wrist rest to rest the palm of your hands. It aids in maintaining the neutral postures and pad hard surfaces.

Keyboard Pointing Techniques
→ Learn simple keyboard shortcuts to avoid extensive use of the keyboard.
→ Tap the mouse sensitivity in a way that you can operate it comfortably even for a light touch.
→ Adjust the mouse positions to relax your palm.
→ Make a soft touch over the mouse keys without giving any unnecessary forces.
→ Dont hold any materials in your hands while using mouse or keyboard.
→ Relax your hands and fingers often, after performing a heavy keystrokes.

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