Computer Desk Setup

Follow the steps for ergonomic computer desk position

Ergonomic Computer Desk Position

Most eliminated but yet important to consider while sitting before computer is the desk positions. In most of the places, ergonomic computer desk positions are stable and non-adjustable. But even if its not comfortable, you can follow from this computer desk setup tutorial to make yourself relax before the system.

Make sure that there is enough free space to rest the knees, thighs and feet, under the desk.
Ergonomic Position 2
If the desk it too low, place a sturdy boards to rest your feet. If the desk is too high, raise your chair position accordingly.
If you feel your feet are just hanging out, use foot rest.Ergonomic Position 3
Pad the hard edge of your desk, if you have any.
Make enough free space under your desk for your knees and feet.
Avoid keeping things under the desk.
Adjusting the light positions is important for your eyes. Fix the light in the position we have show in the below image.
Ergonomic Computer Position 1

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