Computer Chair Position

How to sit at a computer chair?

Right Position To Use Computer

A simple chair plays a most effective and vital role in the workplace. It is important to note the chairs height, size and how far it is supporting the back. Also, it is significant to check out whether the chair height is adjustable to comfort with the keyboard, monitor, mouse and source documents. Follow the steps given in this computer chair position tutorial and set the right position to use computer. Keep in mind the following tips when you are choosing the chair.

Choose a chair that is well adjustable to the body and spinal curves. Always sit up straight, not rigid.
Computer Chair Position 4
Adjust the height of the chair in a way that the feet of yours should rest flat on the floor.
Computer Chair Position 1
Push your hips as far it can go behind the chair.
Adjust the back of the chair to the reclined angle about 100 degree -110 degree
Computer Chair Position 2
Use inflatable cushions or small pillow to support your back.
Computer Chair Position 3
Rest your arms on the arm rest with the shoulders relaxed.
Use padded seat, which is one inch wider than your hips and thighs.
If your chair has active back mechanism, change your positions frequently and set right position to use computer.

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