How to Retrieve Lost Password Using Forgot Password in Hioxindia?

Short tutorial that explains you on how to retrieve lost password using forgot password in Hioxindia?

Retrieve Lost Password

Its usual to forget passwords. Suppose if you miss or forget your password for Hioxindias client account, you could easily retrieve it back using the Forgot Password option given in the sign in page. This short tutorial will explain you on how to retrieve the lost password for your Hioxindia client login in a simple step-by-step explanation with screenshots. Please refer to the below steps to retrieve your lost password.
Step 1: Goto the link and click on Forgot Password.
Forgot Password
Step 2: Enter your email address for which you need to retrieve your password and click on Reset.
Enter Email
Step 3: You will now receive an email notification to your mentioned email address.
Password Mailed
Step 4: Check your gmail for the new password from Hioxindia.Email Notification
Step 5: Check for the new password in the mail copy paste the same in Hioxindia login.
New Password Mail
Step 6: Now, Go to Login and enter your email and the new password received and click on the login button.
Account Login
Step 7: You are about to verify your mobile number for security purpose. Click on Get Code to receive an authentication code.
Click Get Code
Step 8: Enter the code you received as an SMS from Hioxindia and click on Verify.
Verify Code
Step 9: You have now successfully verified and will be logged into Hioxindia.
Step 10: However, you could change your password by clicking on My Profile from the sub-menu that appears.
Select My Profile
Step 11: Click on Change Password.
Change Password
Step 12: Enter your current password and the new one you wish to change for and click on Change.
Enter New Password
Step 13: Your new password has been successfully update.

Password Changed Successfully

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