How to Redirect HTTP to HTTPS in WordPress?

This is a simple tutorial which provides you the simple procedure to redirect HTTP to HTTPS in wordPress.

Redirect HTTP to HTTPS in WordPress

You can redirect http to https in wordpress by two methods,
1. Using Plugins
2. By Updating Site Address
Using Plugins:
This plugin will automatically enable you to redirect to the https version of an URL.
Step 1: Login to WordPress Admin Panel.
Step 2: Go to plugins. Search and install the plugin "Easy HTTPS Redirection".
Step 3: Now, go to Settings and make changes to the HTTPS redirection settings as per your need and click on Save.
By Updating the Site Address:
You can also make redirection from http to https by updating your site address with https.
Step 1: In wordpress panel, go to Settings -> General.
Step 2: Add "s" at the end of "http" of your WordPress Address URL and Site Address URL.Now, click on "Save" to update your settings.
Step 3: You have successfully made redirection from http to https in wordpress.