Exit Interview When Leaving a Job

Following the key points on the day of exit interview

On the Day of Exit Interview

Exit interview is the last day of your company life, so recollect the following key points on the day of exit interview.

1. Pack up all your belongings properly before you exit from the company. Make sure to leave your place empty and clean it properly, as there will be next occupant for the place.

2. Show your sincere gratitude, token of appreciation and final goodbyes before the Exit Interview.

3. Its the last and lasting impression so always let the interview began with the warm note and make sure to end the interview with the firm handshake.

4. Never name and call the person during the interview. Be respectful.

5. Give all your answers in a simple, brief and genuine way.

6. Dont make any negative criticism, instead give the positive feed backs for the growth of the company.

7. Once after the exit interview, the relationship between you and the company comes to an end. So exit from the interview hall, greet your final farewell and leave the company politely.

8. Now the relationship between you and the company comes to an end, so always get prior permission from the superior officer to enter the premises or any other portion of the company for the next time.

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