World's Most Preferred Way to Propose  

How to propose a girl on bended knee?

Kneel Down Propose

Kneel down proposal is one of the world's common yet unique way of proposing a girl and its famous for centuries and even today. Most of the guys prefer to propose a girl in kneel down position. When a guy kneel down before a girl, it mean a lot to her. Its the sign of respect and way to show that the guy is offering himself to the girl. Kneeling is considered to be the highly symbolic gesture for marriage proposal along with a ring.
kneel down proposal1
This romantic gesture can bring thousands of spark in the heart of your girl. Adding a surprise element along with the proposal can always make the day an ever memorable one for the lifetime.

To whom: You can try out this classical proposal idea with someone whom you are familiar with and when you are sure that the person is not going to reject your proposal.

According to a survey conducted by The Knot and Mens Health, 76% of men believe kneel down proposal is the worlds best way to woo the heart of a women.

If you planned to propose your lady love in kneel down position remember this simple steps.
Step 1: Kneel Down
Kneel Down Proposal
Bend down your right knee facing her.
Step 2: Take her hand
Kneel Down Proposal
Take her hand and wore the ring in her finger.
Step 3: Propose her
Kneel Down Proposal
Now ask her in the gentle way "Will You Marry Me?".

Make yourself more comfortable and confident when you decided to propose in one knee position.