How Can I Surprise a Girl  

What are all the creative proposal ideas to surprise a girl?

Creative Proposal Ideas

More than just a proposal, surprise her by planning with the series of creative activities for the whole day. Here we listed out the most interesting ideas you can choose to surprise your lady love.
Music Band or Drum
Perform drum or band with the perfect love song and try including her names in between.
surprise with music band

Use colorful balloons and float it around the places you both going to spend for the rest of the day. This is much adorable and affordable surprise.
surprise with balloons
Surprise with Friends
Make your friends to surprise her by playing hint games.
propose with friends help
Bouquet of Flowers
Present her with the bouquet of flowers and make her feel like a fairy queen.
propose with bouquet of flowers

You can also try some other special and peculiar surprising gifts like Teddy Bear, Rings and Chocolates showers.