How to Multiply Binomials Using the FOIL Method

Tutorial on how to multiply two binomials (Polynomials) using FOIL method.

Find The Product of Two Binomials

FOIL method is used to multiply two binomials in an organized and defined order. Distributive property is used to multiply two binomials to make sure that each term is multiplied with every other term. The method aids to multiply binomials in a organized way just by following the acronym of FOIL (First, Outer, Inner, and Last). Check out our tutorial to understand how to multiply binomials using the FOIL method with this step by step simple example.
How To Multiply Binomials Using Foil Method
Binomial Multiplication Example:
Step 1:
Find the product of two binomials
(5x + 8) (2x - 3)
Multiply Binomials Using Foil Method Step1
Note: The method is suitable only when multiplying two binomial., not between a trinomial and a binomial.
Step 2: Multiply the First term of each binomial together.
(5x) (2x) = 10x2
Multiply Binomials Using Foil Method Example
Step 3: Multiply the Outer term of binomials.
(5x)(-3) = -15x
Binomial Multiplication Example
Step 4: Multiply the Inner term of the binomials.
(8)(2x) = 16x
Binomial Multiplication Inner Terms Multiplication
Step 5: Now multiply the Last term of the expressions.
(8)(-3) = -24
Binomial Multiplication Multiplying Constant Example
Step 6: Right down the New expression as per FOIL Method
(10x2)- (15x) + (16x) - (24)
Combine the right terms and simplify the equation.
10x2- 15x + 16 x -24 = 10x2 + x - 24
Simplify Binomial Expression Example

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