Give yourself Acupuncture

Give Yourself Acupuncture : Good Sleeping Habits

Ways to Fall Asleep Fast

The traditional Chinese acupuncture also serves its way to treat insomnia. You just to know the pressure points to induce it correctly. It is one of the good sleeping habits.Acupuncture refers to the network of energy flows through specific points in the body. Pressing these points regulates the mind, body, spirit as well restores energy. The important acupuncture points that induces sleep are given below. Give yourself acupuncture treatment as explained below to fall asleep fast.
Give Yourself Acupunture
Between the eyebrows
Right above the nose, there is a small depression point on the level of the eyebrows. Give a gentle pressure on the point for a minute.
Between the First and Second Toes
Between the two toes, press on the top of the foot until you feel a dull ache.
Behind the Ball of your Feet
Press right below the ball of your feet for few minutes.
Massage Ears
Gently massage both the ears.

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