Origami Lucky Star

How to make tiny lucky star for Christmas using origami papers?

How to Make a Tiny Paper Star?

In Christian tradition, the Star of Bethlehem, also called the Christmas Star, revealed the birth of Jesus. The Christmas Tree could be decorated with the jingle bells, gift boxes and the lucky stars. Here are some simple steps on how to create tiny origami paper stars. Try yourselves using the below simple steps and create your own tiny lucky stars for Christmas decorations.
Origami Tiny Stars
Materials Required:
→ Origami Papers of different colors.
→ Scissor

Steps to Follow
Step 1: Gather the above said materials.
Origami Tiny Stars Step 1
Step 2: Slice the origami paper of any color along the length of the sheet, with the width of 1cm.
Origami Tiny Stars Step 2
Step 3: Make a knot on the slice as shown below.
Origami Tiny Stars Step 3
Step 4: Refer the below image to make the knot.
Origami Tiny Stars Step 4
Step 5: The knot should look like below.
Origami Tiny Stars Step 5
Step 6: Fold the short outer end above the knot to cover the knot and paste it with a glue.
Origami Tiny Stars Step 6
Step 7: After you have covered the knot, it looks like the below.
Origami Tiny Stars Step 7
Step 8: Take the long strip and round it across the knot. Now the long strip would came across the other side of the knot. Insert it inside the first hole of the knot and bring it on the other end. Keep on spinning the strip.
Origami Tiny Stars Step 8
Step 9: After your star has gained enough thickness, cut the remaining of the paper strip. Your tiny Christmas Star has got five sides with five edges such as a Pentagon.
Origami Tiny Stars Step 9
Step 10: Use your finger to tuck in the sides of the star so that the edges project outside, exactly looking like a star.
Origami Tiny Stars Step 10
Step 11: Now you have made your tiny lucky origami paper star to use in your Christmas decorations.
Origami Tiny Stars Step 11

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