Make a Rubber Band Ball

How do you make a rubber band ball with just rubber bands?

How to Make a Rubber Band Ball

Balls are generally used by the kids, youngsters and adults to play games during the leisure time. Think about making a bouncy ball of your own, that too just with the rubber bands and any crumpled waste papers. Its really fun filled idea as you can use this ball to bounce in the air, relax your muscles and so on. Try making the simple rubber band balls following our simple step by step tutorial.

Material Needed
→ Waste Papers
→ Rubber bands
Materials Needed Rubberband Ball
Steps To Follow
Step 1: Take some waste papers. Crush and crumple the paper. You can stuff more papers if you need a sizeable ball.
Rubber Band Ball Step1
Step 2: Your crushed paper should look as we shown in the below image.
Rubber Band Ball Step2
Step 3: Now you can start up with the rubber bands. Take a rubber band and start to twist around the paper crumples. Make sure that the band tightly fits around the paper.
Rubber Band Ball Step3
Step 4: Keep on repeating the same process until you wrap around all the rubber band.
Rubber Band Ball Step4
Step 5: You have done it. Just chuck it and enjoy playing with the bouncy rubber band ball now.
Rubber Band Ball

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