Make an Origami Party Poppers

How do you make homemade party poppers using origami paper?

How to Make a Paper Popper?

Celebration is one of the important aspect to bring happiness and joy to our life. It can be made more beautiful by creating a pleasant and pleasing environment. Our simple step by step tutorial will help you out in creating your own party poppers and make the most fun filled time in your party.
Party Popper
Materials Needed
→ Origami or any other color paper
→ Glue
→ Straw
→ Cello Tape
Party Poppers Material Needed
Steps To Follow
Step 1: Take an enlarged rectangular paper with the color of your choice.
Party Popper Step1
Step 2: Make it into three equal folds as we shown in the below image.
Party Popper Step2
Step 3: Paste the folded corner with the glue.
Party Popper Step3
Step 4: Take one of the edge of the folded sheet and apply glue to cover the hole.
Party Popper Step4
Step 5: Roll the folded sheet along with the pencil.
Party Popper Step5
Step 6: At the pasted side, fold the two edges.
Party Popper Step6
Step 7: Insert the other hole of the folded paper inside the straw.
Party Popper Step7
Step 8: Paste it tightly using cello tape.
Party Popper Step8
Step 9: Your party popper is ready.
Party Popper Step9

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