Make Origami Windmill

How do you make a windmill using origami paper?

How to Make a Paper Windmill?

Making our own paper toy windmill will always drive us crazy. Its great sort of entertainment right from a kid to an elderly people. Here is the simple step by step tutorial with images to make your own origami windmill.
Materials Required

→ Origami paper (Color of your choice)
→ Pencil and Ruler
→ Scissor
→ Glue
→ Normal or Decorative Push Pins
→ Straw or any Thick Stick
→ Knife
Materials Required Windmill

Steps To Follow

Step 1: Take a Origami paper of your choice.Square Paper Windmill Step1
Step 2: Make a mountain fold in both the sides.
Windmill Step2
Step 3: Now you will get a centre point. Mark it with the pencil.
Windmill Step3
Step 4: Using ruler, mark the midpoint from centre to each corner as shown in the below image.
Windmill Step5
Step 5: Cut the paper in each side till the marked point from each end.
Windmill Step6
Step 6: Take any one side and fold it, so that it touches the centre point.
Windmill Step7
Step 7: Apply glue at the tip of the folded side.
Windmill Step8
Step 8: Take the successive side and fold it to paste with the glue you have applied in the centre point.
Windmill Step9
Step 9: Again apply the glue and repeat the same procedure for the successive sides too.
Windmill Step10
Step 10: Hold the centre point with your finger so that the glue gets pasted with each fold tightly. Now your windmill should be like we shown in the below image.
Windmill Step11
Step 11: Use knife or some blend tool to release the folds from the centre point.
Windmill Step12
Step 12: Now take a push pin and pierce it in the centre point as shown in the below image.
Windmill Step13
Step 13: Take a small paper and roll it around with the hole at the centre. Glue the end.
Windmill Step14
Step 14: Insert it at the backside of the pin. This is done to make a smooth and free movement of the windmill.
Windmill Step15
Step 15: Insert the pin at the top edge of any straw or any stick.
Windmill Step15
Step 16: Your Windmill is ready.
Windmill Step16

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