Make Paper Stars

How to make beautiful stars using color papers?

How to Make a Paper Star?

Stars are always fascinating object that everyone of us admired and still admiring it. The beautiful winking stars may appear distant from us but here is a simple step by step tutorial to make your own lucky stars. You can use this cute little colorful stars as a decorative material for any sort of special occasions.
Paper Stars
Materials Needed
→ Color papers
→ Scissor
→ Glue
→ Pencil
Steps To Follow
Step 1:
Take a square paper of your choice and turn the other side. (Side that is plain)
Paper Stars Step 1
Step 2:
Fold the paper to touch the other end. Make a mountain fold. Unfold the paper and make the same mountain fold from the other corner.
Paper Stars Step 2
Step 3:
Unfold the paper. Now make a fold in a way that opposite corner touch each other. Unfold and do make the same fold in the other side.
Paper Stars Step 3
Step 4:
Unfold the paper and mark the centre point using a pencil.
Paper Stars Step 4
Step 5:
Use ruler and mark 5cm from each corner.
Paper Stars Step 5
Step 6:
You should have marked the points as we have figured in the below image.
Paper Stars Step 6
Step 7:
Use scissors and cut till the marked point from each corner.
Paper Stars Step 7
Step 8:
Take a corner and fold it to touch the centre point.
Paper Stars Step 8
Step 9:
Do the same fold in the other sides too.
Paper Stars Step 9
Step 10:
Take any one corner and join the two fold, one over the other as we shown in the below image.
Paper Stars Step 10
Step 11:
After joining the folds, cut the unwanted portions.
Paper Stars Step 11
Step 12:
Glue both the ends together.
Paper Stars Step 12
Step 13:
After joining the ends, you star should look as we figured below.
Paper Stars Step 13
Step 14:
Flip the other side of the star. It should appear as we shown in the below image.
Paper Stars Step 14
Step 15:
Now make an other star similar to the one you have done now.
Paper Stars Step 15
Step 16:
Apply glue on the inner edges of the star.
Paper Stars Step 16
Step 17:
Stick both the parts together.
Paper Stars Step 17
Step 18:
Your lucky star is ready now.
Paper Stars Step 18

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