How to Make Paper Rosette Flowers?

How do you make a rosette flower using origami paper?

Origami Rosette Flowers

Rosette are commonly used as a decorative element in any special occasions. Now for any special occasions in your home, don't need too much to buy the rosette from the shops. Make your own inexpensive and lovely paper rosette by following the steps given below.
Paper Rosette
Materials Needed
→ Color paper
→ Scissor
→ Glue
Paper Rosette Material Needed
Steps To Follow
Step 1: Take a long rectangular paper.
Paper Rosette Step 1
Step 2: From any corner, make a small fold.
Paper Rosette Step 2
Step 3: Flip the other side of the paper, make a fold in the opposite direction to the one you have done in the previous step.
Paper Rosette Step 3
Step 4: Continue making Zig zag foldings till the end of the paper.
Paper Rosette Step 4
Step 5: Your paper should appear as we have shown in the below image.
Paper Rosette Step 5
Step 6: Similarly take an other two rectangular paper and make zigzag foldings as you have done previously.
(Make sure that you make take same size of papers)
Paper Rosette Step 6
Step 7: Take the end of any paper and apply glue.
Paper Rosette Step 7
Step 8: Combine it with the end of an other folded paper.
Paper Rosette Step 8
Step 9: Join the ends of all the folded paper.
Paper Rosette Step 9
Step 10: Apply glue on one of the open end.
Paper Rosette Step 10
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