Make an Origami Rose

How do you make beautiful roses using origami paper?

How to Make Paper Roses?

Roses are the symbol of love and happiness. People use roses to express their heartful feelings to the beloved one. Here is a simple tutorial to make paper roses of your own color of choice. You can use these colorful roses as a decorative item in any function.
Paper Rose
Materials Needed
→ Origami paper
→ Scissor
→ Glue
Paper Rose Material Needed
Steps To Follow
Step 1: Take an origami paper and mark a round using compass with the size of your choice.
Paper Rose Step 1
Step 2: Cut the paper along the mark.
Paper Rose Step 2
Step 3: Now take any point from the outer border and start to cut down towards inside.
Paper Rose Step 3
Step 4: Do repeat the cut till you get the small round of paper as we have shown below.
Paper Rose Step 4
Step 5: Your round paper cut should be as we have figured below.
Paper Rose Step 5
Step 6: Take the open end and start rolling it towards inside.
Paper Rose Step 6
Step 7: Role it down till the end we have shown.
Paper Rose Step 7
Step 8: Then gently leave the rolls to the required size of rose.
Paper Rose Step 8
Step 9: In the bottom, apply glue.
Paper Rose Step 9
Step 10: Paste the bottom as this will hold as base for the rose.
Paper Rose Step 10
Step 11:
Beautiful paper roses are ready.
Paper Rose Step 11

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