Make a Paper Rocket

How do you make an origami paper rockets?

How to Make an Origami Rockets?

Origami paper rocket is quite simple to make. You can make the paper rocket within few minutes and fling it in the air. Enjoy making this simple rocket from our step by step tutorial.

Material Needed
→ Origami paper

Steps To Follow
Step 1: Take a origami paper with the color of your choice.
Paper Rocket Step 1
Step 2: Flip the other side of the paper if you are having the white side in it.Paper Rocket Step 2
Step 3: Make a rectangle fold from the centre. Do make the same fold in the other side too.
Paper Rocket Step 3
Step 4: Unfold the paper and make the mountain fold (triangular fold) in both the sides.
Paper Rocket Step 4
Step 5: Unfold the paper. Your paper marking should be as we shown in the below image.
Paper Rocket Step 5
Step 6: Take any one corner and fold it in a way that the corners touch the centre point.
Paper Rocket Step 6
Step 7: Make the same fold in the other side too.
Paper Rocket Step 7
Step 8: Just bend the folder towards down.
Paper Rocket Step 8
Step 9: From any side, fold the paper from the bottom in a way that it reach near the centre point.
Paper Rocket Step 9
Step 10: Make the same fold as you have done for the previous one.
Paper Rocket Step 10
Step 11: Take any one side and fold the paper to touch the other end.
Paper Rocket Step 11
Step 12: Again refold the paper.
Paper Rocket Step 12
Step 13: Unfold the fold you have made in the last step and turn the other side holding the centre portion.
Paper Rocket Step 13
Step 14: Your rocket is ready for the launch.
Paper Rocket Step 14

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