Make a Paper Airplane

How do you make the fastest airplane using origami paper?

How to Make the Fastest Paper Plane?

Paper plane is one of the funniest paper craft work that every children love to do. You dont need to be an aviator to fly your simple paper aircrafts. Here is a simple step by step tutorial to make your own airplane.
Paper Plane
Material Needed
Origami paper (color of your choice)

Steps To Follow
Step 1: Take a square shaped paper with the color of your choice.
Paper Plane Step 1
Step 2: Fold the paper. Make a rectangle fold.
Paper Plane Step 2
Step 3: Refold the paper again.
Paper Plane Step 3
Step 4: Now unfold the paper. Take anyone corner and fold it to touch the centre.
Paper Plane Step 4
Step 5: Do it on the other three sides too.
Paper Plane Step 5
Step 6: Take any two opposite sides and fold it corners to touch each other as we have shown in the below image.
Paper Plane Step 6
Step 7: You have small triangle fold at the bottom of the paper. Fold it towards the other side.
Paper Plane Step 7
Step 8: Refold the paper along the centre mark.
Paper Plane Step 8
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