How to Make Paper Lanterns?

How to make an origami paper lantern at home for festivals?

Origami Lantern Instructions

Lantern is a beautiful ornament to decorate and add an extra elegance to the lamp. It got various shapes and sizes. It is commonly used in festivals to decor the home. Lantern comes in different colors, usually made out of bright colored papers. Learn to make attractive paper lanterns for this Christmas holiday and attract all your friends and family members.
Materials Needed
→ Origami Paper (Bright Color)
→ Ruler
→ Glue
→ Pencil
→ Blade Snapper

Step by Step Instructions
Step 1: Take a long rectangular paper, with the color of your choice.
Paper Lantern Step 1
Step 2: Draw a line from any one side using ruler, leaving about 1 cm from the end.
Paper Lantern Step 2
Step 3: Draw the line in the opposite side too.
Paper Lantern Step 3
Step 4: Now you have to draw vertical lines between these horizontal lines as shown below.
Paper Lantern Step 4
Step 5: Leave about half cm space between each lines and draw it to the end of the sheet.
Paper Lantern Step 5
Step 6: Your paper pattern should be as given below.
Paper Lantern Step 6
Step 7: Take a blade snapper and cut it across the vertical lines till the end of the horizontal line.
Paper Lantern Step 7
Step 8: Use the blade snapper and cut all the vertical lines.
Paper Lantern Step 8
Step 9: So your paper should appear as shown below.
Paper Lantern Step 9
Step 10: Take an other paper and keep a ruler for about 2cm from the end.
Paper Lantern Step 10
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