Make Paper Honeycomb Balls

How do you make colorful honeycomb balls with papers?

Honeycomb Ball Step by Step

We all have noticed the honey comb hanging high on the tree branch. But it would be quite amazing to make your own honey comb. Now, learn to create your own paper honey comb from our step by step tutorials and use it as a decorative hanging object in parties.
Paper Honey Comb

Materials Needed
→ Glue
→ Scissor
→ Color Paper
Paper Honey Comb Material Needed
Steps To Follow

Step 1: Take a color paper and make a fold. Draw an outline for honeycomb as we shown below.
Paper Honey Comb Step 1
Step 2: Fold the paper and press on the trace using the other side of the pencil.
Paper Honey Comb Step 2
Step 3: Now open the paper. You should have got the honeycomb shape as we have shown below.
Paper Honey Comb Step 3
Step 4: Cut the paper on the layers you have drawn.
Paper Honey Comb Step 4
Step 5: Color the borders with any contrast shade.
Paper Honey Comb Step 5
Step 6: You can take any other color papers and make the same pattern. You should make atleast 15 to 20 leaf.
Paper Honey Comb Step 6
Step 7: Take a leaf. In the inner side, mark it as we have shown below. Do the same for all the leaf.
Paper Honey Comb Step 7
Step 8: On the marked point, apply glue.
Ppaer Honey Comb Step 8
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