Make Paper Heart Ring

How do you make a heart ring using an Origami Paper?

How to Make an Origami Heart Ring?

Surprise your loved one by making the simple, attractive and most affordable heart ring. You can hang this beautiful heart ring on your wall and create the most perfect environment to express your zeal of love. Learn to make origami heart ring from our step by step image tutorial.
Origami Heart Ring
Material Needed
→ Stapler pin
→ Origami color papers
Origami Heart Ring Materials
Steps To Follow
Step 1: Take few color papers of your choice and cut it down into the enlarged rectangle of equal length and breadth.
Origami Heart Ring Step1
Step 2: Take one at a time and fold it to touch the other end.
Origami Heart Ring Step2
Step 3: Your paper will be like as we shown below. Do the same for the other papers too.
Origami Heart Ring Step3
Step 4: Take a folded paper and turn it down in the unfolded side.
Origami Heart Ring Step4
Step 5: Take an other folded sheet and keep the fold along with the joining end of the previous sheet.
Origami Heart Ring Step5
Step 6: Join the ends using stapler pins.
Origami Heart Ring Step6
Step 7: Now bring together the unjoined ends.
Origami Heart Ring Step7
Step 8: Take an other sheet and keep its folded part along with it. Staple it. Repeat the same procedure and join the heart rings till how long you need.
Origami Heart Ring Step8
Step 9: Your heart ring will be formed as shown in the below image.
Origami Heart Ring Step9

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