Make an Origami Jumping Frog

How do you make a jumping frog using origami paper?

How to Make a Paper Frog?

Making a jumping frog is no more a difficult task. You can make this simple jumping frog just with a piece of paper. Make the right foldings and create your own colorful jumping frog.
Paper Frog
Materials Needed

Origami Paper
(Color of your choice)
Steps To Follow
Step 1:
Take a origami paper with the color of your choice.
Note: Width of the paper should be twice that of the height.
Paper Frog Step1
Step 2: Fold the top corners of the paper in the way that both should meet together at the centre.
Paper Frog Step2
Step 3: Unfold it and do the same procedure from the bottom corner.
Paper Frog Step3
Step 4: Now you should have got the folding as we shown in the below image.
Paper Frog Step4
Step 5: Take any one side and fold it in a way that the ends of the centre point should touch each other.Now you should have got a layer. Just press it to get the triangular shape.
Paper Frog Step5
Step 6: Do repeat the same procedure in the opposite direction. Your paper should look as we figured in the below image.
Paper Frog Step6
Step 7: Here we have shown you the straight view of the paper folding.
Paper Frog Step7
Step 8: Take one folding from any corner and fold it inside to touch the other corner.
Paper Frog Step8
Step 9: Repeat the same procedure in the other side too.
Paper Frog Step9
Step 10: Now make the same folding in the opposite side.
Paper Frog Step10
Step 11: Your fold should appear as we shown in the below image.
Paper Frog Step11
Step 12: From the folding you have made in the last step, refold each one outward.
Paper Frog Step12
Step 13: Do the same outward fold in all the sides.
Paper Frog Step13
Step 14: Flip the other side of the paper.
Paper Frog Step14
Step 15: Fold both the corners in a way that they meet each other at their common centre point.
Paper Frog Step15
Step 16: Unfold the paper which you have made in the last step. Make the small fold at the bottom.
Paper Frog Step16
Step 17: Take the end of the large folds and stick it inside the hole of the small fold that you have made in the last step.
Paper Frog Step17
Step 18: Turn the other side of the paper and fold its bottom end towards inside.
Paper Frog Step18
Step 19: Make an other fold. So you have made two small folds now.
Paper Frog Step19
Step 20: Flip the paper. Just make a small press at its bottom centre. Your frog is ready to jump now.
Paper Frog Step20

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