Make Origami Flowers

How do you make paper flowers step by step using origami paper?

How to Make Paper Flowers?

Flowers can always give us an enhancing and pleasant mood. Its the best choice to decorate your room at the budget cost. But here we have made you a simple step by step tutorial to make beautiful paper flowers at no cost. You can do this simple flowers just with your choice of color papers.
Paper Flower
Materials Needed
→ Origami color paper
→ Scissor
→ Ruler
→ Decorative buttons

Steps To Follow
Step 1: Take a square shaped paper.
Paper Flower Step1
Step 2: Fold it to touch the other end. Make a mountain fold.
Paper Flower Step2
Step 3: Take a corner again and refold the paper to touch its opposite end.
Paper Flower Step3
Step 4: Refold the folded paper. So you have folded your paper thrice now.
Paper Flower Step4
Step 5: Now roll it down as we shown in the below image.
Paper Flower Step5
Step 6: Once after rolling the paper, cut down the remaining part in the shape of semicircle.
Paper Flower Step6
Step 7: Your paper should appear as we figured in the below image.
Paper Flower Step7
Step 8: Open the third fold alone.
Paper Flower Step8
Step 9: Cut the paper from the centre to the tip.
Paper Flower Step9
Step 10: When you unfold the paper, it should appear as shown in the below image.
Paper Flower Step10
Step 11: Your almost done with the paper flower.
Paper Flower Step11
Step 12: Use ruler and gently press down each petals to get the arc like shape. This is done to get the perfect flowery shape.
Paper Flower Step12
Step 13: Use some decorative buttons and paste it in the centre.
Paper Flower Step13
Step 14: You have done with your paper flowers now.
Paper Flower Step14

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