Make a Paper Folder

How to make a paper file folder at home?

How to Make Paper Folder?

Now you can easily make the paper file of your own to safely keep yours document papers in an organised manner. Read out the simple step by step tutorial to make paper file of your own.

Materials Needed
→ Color Papers
→ Satin Ribbon
→ Paper Punch Machine
Paper File Material Needed

Steps To Follow
Step 1: Take a rectangular paper with the color of your choice.
Paper File Step 1
Step 2: Make a fold, in a way that the corners touch each other.
Paper File Step 2
Step 3: Take the closed end and bend the paper for about 1cm.
Paper File Step 3
Step 4: Now open the paper and gently press on the fold you have made.
Paper File Step 4
Step 5: Close the paper and make a small bend at the closed end again.
Paper File Step 5
Step 6: Unfold the paper.
Paper File Step 6
Step 7: Turn the other side and make 1cm fold in the end and close it again as we have done previously.
Paper File Step 7
Step 8: Now your file should appear as we shown in the below image.
Paper File Step 8
Step 9: Open the file. Use the paper punch machine and make holes over the foldings.
Paper File Step 9
Step 10: Use satin ribbon or any other ribbon and thread it inside the holes from the outer side.
Paper File Step 10
Step 11: Thread your important papers inside the hole and keep it safe.
Paper File Step 11
Step 12: Your paper file is ready now.
Paper File Step 12

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