Make an Origami Envelope

How do you make an envelop using origami paper within one minute?

How to Make a Paper Envelope?

Greeting with an envelope made out of your own hand will always put your loved ones on cloud nine! Here is an interesting step by step tutorial to make an envelope within few minutes.
Paper Envelope
Materials Needed
→ Origami Paper (Color of your choice)
→ Glue
Steps To Follow
Step 1: Take a square paper and make the mountain fold.
Origami Paper Envelope Step1
Step 2: Make the mountain fold in the other side too.
Origami Paper Envelope Step2
Step 3: Now your paper should like as we shown in the below image.Origami Paper Envelope Step3
Step 4: Take any of the corner and fold it to reach the centre.
Origami Paper Envelope Step4
Step 5: Do the same fold in the opposite corner.
Origami Paper Envelope Step5
Step 6: Apply glue on the outer side of the folds as we figured below.
Origami Paper Envelope Step6
Step 7: Take the other side and fold it to paste along with the glue.
Origami Paper Envelope Step7
Step 8: Your Paper envelope is ready now.
Origami Paper Envelope Step8
Step 9: Put your special greetings inside the envelope and surprise your beloved one.
Origami Paper Envelope Step9

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