Make an Origami Diamond

How to make an origami diamonds?

How to Make an Origami Diamond?

This page shows the continuation of making paper diamond from step 10.
Step 10:
Now unfold the paper and turn the other side of the paper. Make sure you got the folding mark exactly as we shown below.
Paper Diamond Step 10
Step 11:
Take any side and bend at the centre on the foldings that is made before.
Paper Diamond Step 11
Step 12: Bend the centre point in the other side too.
Paper Diamond Step 12
Step 13: Make the same bend in the other sides.
Paper Diamond Step 13
Step 14: Your part of the diamond is ready now.
Paper Diamond Step 14
Step 15: Bring all the corners together and stick with the glue.
Paper Diamond Step 15
Step 16: Hold the corners for a minute till the foldings get glued with each other.
Paper Diamond Step 16
Step 17: Colorful paper diamond is ready now.
Paper Diamond Step 17

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