Origami Christmas Tree

How do you make your own christmas tree using origami paper?

How to Make a Paper Christmas Tree?

A Christmas tree is a decorated tree, usually an evergreen conifer such as spruce, pine, or fir. The custom of the Christmas tree developed in Germany. It is also known as the "Yule-tree". Usually Christmas Tree is made of craft work and placed in homes during Christmas Celebrations. Christmas trees of various sizes ranging from a hand sized Christmas tree to a 15 feet or more tall Christmas trees are made using a variety of artificial leaf and branch like structures made of plastic. Christmas trees are decorated with lights, stars and bells made to hang on the branches of the tree. A star is placed on the top of the Christmas Tree. A Christmas tree is the most important structure of Christmas celebrations.

Here are the simple steps on how to create an origami Christmas tree. Try yourselves using the below simple steps and create your own Christmas Tree and decorate your homes this Christmas Season.
Paper Christmas Tree
Materials Required:
4 Green colored Origami Papers of square shape with 3 different sizes, say 21cms, 15cms and two 8.5cms.
An Orange or stem colored origami papers of square shape with 15cms size.
→ Origami Papers
→ A ruler
→ Glue Stick
→ Scissor

Steps to Follow
Step 1: Gather the above said materials.
Paper Christmas Tree Step 1
Step 2: Take one large size green colored origami paper of size 21cms and make a mountain fold. Unfold it and repeat the same on other side.
Paper Christmas Tree Step 2
Step 3: Unfold again and make rectangle folds from both ends.
Paper Christmas Tree Step 3
Step 4: Unfold it. Now you have got the paper marks as we have shown in the below image.
Paper Christmas Tree Step 4
Step 5: Hold the centre portion on both the sides with the fingers and bring it closer.
Paper Christmas Tree Step 5
Step 6: Once the four inner walls of the paper touch each other, just press the walls of the paper using your hands.
Paper Christmas Tree Step 6
Step 7: Your paper folding should appear as below when you view from the otherside.
Paper Christmas Tree Step 7
Step 8: Keep the paper flat and take any one side and bring the top tip towards down. Do it in the other side too.
Paper Christmas Tree Step 8
Step 9: Now your paper folding should appear as below.
Paper Christmas Tree Step 9
Step 10: As fixed in the position, take the centre folded side and bring it to touch the other end.
Paper Christmas Tree Step 10
Step 11: Now your paper would look flat in a square shape as below.
Paper Christmas Tree Step 11
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