Make an Origami Carrots

How do you make origami paper carrots?

How to Make Paper Carrots?

Carrots are a flavourful vegetable used for culinary purposes. Create your own paper carrots and surprise your kids. Learn how to make a paper carrot from our simple step by step tutorial.
Paper Carrots
Materials Needed
→ Origami paper - orange color
→ Pen
Paper Carrots Material Needed
Steps To Follow
Step 1: Take an orange colored origami paper.
Paper Carrots Step 1
Step 2: Make a mountain fold. This is done to get the center line.
Paper Carrots Step 2
Step 3: Unfold the paper and fold it from one end to the centre mark as we figured below.
Paper Carrots Step 3
Step 4: Do the same in the other end too.
Paper Carrots Step 4
Step 5: Fold the triangle shape towards inside.
Paper Carrots Step 5
Step 6: Now from any one corner, make a triangle shaped fold.
Paper Carrots Step 6
Step 7: Make the same triangle fold in the other side too.
Paper Carrots Step 7
Step 8: Take one side and bend the paper as we shown below.
Paper Carrots Step 8
Step 9: Make the same fold in the other side too.
Paper Carrots Step 9
Step 10: Use Glue or any cello tape to join the two ends at the centre.
Paper Carrots Step 10
Step 11: Turn the other side and draw small eyes and mouth for the carrots if you need it.
Paper Carrots Step 11
Step 12: Your part of the paper carrot is ready now.
Paper Carrots Step 12
Step 13: To make leaves for the carrots, take a green colored paper and make a mountain fold. Start making zig zag foldings.
Paper Carrots Step 13
Step 14: Your foldings should appear as we have shown in the below image.
Paper Carrots Step 14
Step 15: Turn the other side of the carrot and insert the leaves inside the holes.
Paper Carrots Step 15
Step 16: You have done with your paper carrots now.
Paper Carrots Step 16

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