Make Origami Butterfly

How do you make a butterfly using origami papers?

How to Make a Paper Butterfly?

Kids usually have a great interest in playing with the attractive butterflies. But its not easy to catch hold of this pretty little insects in all the seasons. But you can surprise your little kid by making plenty of colorful paper butterflies. Learn how to make paper butterflies from our simple step by step tutorial.
Paper Butterfly
Materials Needed
→ Origami paper
→ Scissor
Steps To Follow
Step 1:
Take a square paper and fold it touch the other end. Do the same mountain fold in the other side too.
Paper Butterfly Step1
Step 2: Hold the paper to touch the other two ends as we figured below.
Paper Butterfly Step2
Step 3: Now take any side and open its end, closing the other end with your finger. You will get a layer, just press on it to get the triangle fold.
Paper Butterfly Step3
Step 4: Join the two slanting sides of the triangle fold.
Paper Butterfly Step4
Step 5: Repeat the same procedure in the other side too.
Paper Butterfly Step5
Step 6: Your paper will look exactly as we shown in the below image.
Paper Butterfly Step6
Step 7: Fold the triangle in the way that you should get the open ends all together.
Paper Butterfly Step7
Step 8: You will get four closed folds.
Paper Butterfly Step8
Step 9: Hold together and cut the edge in the shape of semicircle. Now open the centre fold alone.
Paper Butterfly Step9
Step 10: Take the upper fold and fold it down till the centre point.
Paper Butterfly Step10
Step 11: Do the same with the other side too.
Paper Butterfly Step11
Step 12: Right below the foldings you will have a tiny edge.
Paper Butterfly Step12
Step 13: Fold it above in the opposite direction to reach the centre of the opposite side.
Paper Butterfly Step13
Step 14: The folding you have made should appear as we shown in the above step. Bend the fold.
Paper Butterfly Step14
Step 15: Gently press the folding together and release it. You will get the fore and hind wing of the butterfly.
Paper Butterfly Step15
Step 16: So you have done your butterfly now.
Paper Butterfly Step16

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