How to Make a Santa Hat?

How to make a santa hat using origami paper for Christmas decorations?

Origami Hat Instructions

Here is the paper craft instructions of Santa Hat. This could be used in your Christmas Decorations. Santa Claus is the legendary religious holy person in Christianity. Santa Claus is also known as St. Nicholas and also known as Father Christmas. Santa Claus wears a traditional red suit, with white fur trim on it. The Santa hat is part of the costume worn by Santa.

Here are some simple steps showing how to create origami Santa Hat to use in Christmas Decorations. Follow the below steps and try yourselves to create your own origami Santa Hat for Christmas decorations.
Origami Santa Hat
Materials Required:
→ Origami paper of orange or red color
→ Glue stick (optional)

Origami Santa Hat Materials Required
Steps to Follow
Step 1:
Make a rectangle fold with the colored side inside.
Origami Santa Hat Step 1
Step 2: Unfold it and make a mountain fold.
Origami Santa Hat Step 2
Step 3: Unfold it and make a half cone fold.
Origami Santa Hat Step 3
Step 4: Fold the other side too to make a cone shape.
Origami Santa Hat Step 4
Step 5: Turn round the cone to the other side and fold the head part of the cone downwards as shown below.
Origami Santa Hat Step 5
Step 6: Unfold it as below.
Origami Santa Hat Step 6
Step 7: Unfold all the folds as shown below for the paper to look like a kite.
Origami Santa Hat Step 7
Step 8: With the paper placed like a kite, make a mountain fold at the top edge as shown below.
Origami Santa Hat Step 8
Step 9: Make a pipe fold from the top.
Origami Santa Hat Step 9
Step 10: Make a triangle fold from the bottom to touch the tip of the upper triangle.
Origami Santa Hat Step 10
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