How to Make a Santa Boot?

How to make a Santa boot using Origami papers for Christmas?

Origami Santa Boot

Here is the paper craft of Santa boot. This could be used in your Christmas Decorations. Santa Claus is the legendary religious holy person in Christianity. Santa Claus is also known as St. Nicholas and also known as Father Christmas. Santa Claus wears a traditional red suit, with white fur trim on it. The Santa boot is part of the costume worn by Santa.

Here are some simple steps showing how to create origami Santa Boot to use in Christmas Decorations. Follow the below steps and try yourselves to create your own origami Santa boot for Christmas decorations.
Origami Santa Boot
Materials Required:
→ Origami Paper of Red or Orange color
Origami Santa Boot Materials Required
Step 1: Fold the paper with the coloured part on the outside and with the White sided part peeping lengthier than the coloured part.
Origami Santa Boot Step 1
Step 2: Turn around to the other side.
Origami Santa Boot Step 2
Step 3: Fold one half of the paper as shown.
Origami Santa Boot Step 3
Step 4: Fold both the halves as shown. After folding you could see that one end of the design showing a white coloured border.
(Note: To get the white colored border, you can just fold the paper half an inch at right side)
Origami Santa Boot Step 4
Step 5: Fold it again as shown below.
Origami Santa Boot Step 5
Step 6: From the white bordered end of the folded sheet, make a fold as shown below.
Origami Santa Boot Step 6
Step 7: Now you have to make a cross fold as below, in which the white border being at the right side and the other side facing upwards.
Origami Santa Boot Step 7
Step 8: Turn around the structure to the otherside.
Origami Santa Boot Step 8
Step 9: Now make a fold as shown below.
Origami Santa Boot Step 9
Step 10: After the fold your pattern looks like the below shown image.
Origami Santa Boot Step 10
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