Make Origami Bunny Face

How to make bunny face using origami paper?

How to Make Origami Bunny?

Everyone of us would long to touch and enjoy spending our lovely time with the cuddly bunny. Especially kids have a great fondness towards this little creature. Captivate your kids attention by making this simple and pretty bunny face within a few minutes.
Paper Bunny
Materials Needed
→ Origami Paper
→ Pen
Paper Bunny Materials Needed
Steps To Follow
Step 1: Take a square paper with the color of your choice.
Paper Bunny Step 1
Step 2: Make a mountain fold.
Paper Bunny Step 2
Step 3: Refold it again.
Paper Bunny Step 3
Step 4: Unfold the one you have made in the last step and make a small fold at the end.
Paper Bunny Step 4
Step 5: Hold the centre point at the bottom and fold any one side in a way that it touches the centre corner at the top.
Paper Bunny Step 5
Step 6: Fold the other side too.
Paper Bunny Step 6
Step 7: Make the tiny fold at the bottom centre as we have figured below.
Paper Bunny Step 7
Step 8: Turn the paper, your bunny is almost ready.
Paper Bunny Step 8
Step 9: Draw eyes, nose and mouth for the bunny with the pen.
Paper Bunny Step 9
Step 10: You have done your origami bunny face now.
Paper Bunny Step 10

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