How to Make Fake Vomit With Oatmeal?

Tutorial on how to make fake vomit with oatmeal, explained with pictures.

Make Fake Vomit / Puke With Oatmeal

Do you want to skip your school or an appointment today. Here is a trick to make fake vomit with Oatmeal and freak your friends and collegues. All you need is an oatmeal, food coloring, chewed up left overs and some amount of water.
Fake Vomit With Oatmeal
Step 1 : Take a bowl, add some water and few food coloring of different colors. Mix well till it turns a gross, brownish or dark color.
Step 2 : Add little chewed up left overs from the dinner to the mixture. The mixture should contain more water than the leftovers.
Step 3 : You could also add some glue to make the puke real.
Step 4 : Add the mixture into the plastic Ziplock bag or empty it into your wash basin to freak your friends.

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