How to Make Fake Vomit With Milk?

Tutorial on how to make fake vomit with Milk, explained with pictures. Freak your friends for fun.

Create Fake Vomit With Milk

Make fake vomit using milk with simple steps as explained below to freak your friends and family members and fool them. Have fun. This method needs some time.
Fake Vomit With Milk
Step 1 : Take a glass and pour some milk.
Step 2 : Hide the glass some where in your room, so that no one notices it.
Step 3 : Wait for 2 or 3 days till the milk get spoiled and make a pungent smell.
Step 4 : Add some chewed up contents from the last dinner you had and other stuffs with the milk.
Step 5 : Pour or spill the contents into the washroom and call your parents and see their reaction.

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