How to Make Fake Vomit With Glue?

Tutorial on how to make fake vomit with glue, explained with pictures. What ever it may be it always has the same sickening effect on people when they see it.

Make Fake Vomit / Puke With Glue

Make fake vomit with glue as explained here. It is a perfect april fool prank. It causes a sickening effect on people when they see it. Fun for all ages. All you need is a sponge, some food coloring and glue.
Fake Vomit With Glue
Step 1 : Take a household sponge and tear it into small pieces.
Step 2 : Take a bowl, add some food coloring of different colors to the small sponge pieces and mix together.
Step 3 : Lay down a sheet of wax paper used for your microwave and baking needs on a level surface.
Step 4 : Take some white colored elmers glue or adhesive that is used for sticking or pasting craft items and pour it over the sponges.
Step 5 : Pour the mixture content on to the wax paper.
Step 6 : Spread the chunks around the paper as you wish.
Step 7 : Peel of the wax paper and trim any weird edges.

Have fun by making fake vomit with glue and prank your friends.

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