How to Make Fake Vomit With Bread?

Tutorial on how to make fake vomit with bread, explained with pictures.

Making Fake Vomit / Puke With Bread

Make fake vomit using bread with simple steps as explained below to trick or treat your friends this april fools day. Fun prank for all ages! All you need to make a fake puke is bread, chocolate milk, egg and a honey.
Fake Vomit With Bread
Step 1 : Take one egg, break and pour it into a bowl.
Step 2 : Mix a tablespoon of honey mustard with the egg.
Step 3 : Add half tablespoon of chilly with the mixture.
Step 4 : Pour some chocolate milk into the bowl.
Step 5 : Take a bread and tear it into small pieces.
Step 6 : Add those tiny pieces of bread into the bowl mixture and stir all the contents well.
Step 7 : Pour the ugly content into the trashcan, floor or the toilet to freak your friends with fake vomit.

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