How to Fill in Eyebrows with Pencil

How to Get Thick Eyebrows With Pencil?

Tips for Thicker Eyebrows

In the modern era, Girls and Women uses eyebrow pencil to darken their eyebrow, but many where not aware of how to apply it. Too much can make look hammy, while too less makes it appear uneven. Use this simple method to fill in eyebrow with pencil.Use Eyebrow Pencil
Step 1: Choose an eyebrow color that is matching with your natural color. If you don't get the one that exactly matches your brow hair, go for some lighter shades than darker one.
Step 2: Apply swatches (samples made before make-up) over eyebrows by applying it in different levels.
Step 3: Wash your eyebrows using soap and soak the water thoroughly.
Step 4: Use tweeze and pluck out the unwanted stray hairs from the root.
Step 5: Now take the eyebrows and draw lighter lines from the inner to the outer corner.
Step 6: Make sure that you apply enough to make it just visible.
Step 7: Use Q-tip (cotton swab) or eyebrow brush to evenly spread the color. Remove, if there is excess.
Step 8: Look into the mirror whether you still see any pencil marks, if so adjust it and shade over using q-tip.

Use these simple steps to fill in your eyebrows with a pencil.

Note: Be sure that you are completing other face make-ups before going for the brows, as it helps in preventing accidental smearing. You can use eyebrow gel to prevent the shades from smudging out. Leave it to dry sometime.

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