How to Make Eyebrows Thicker with Mascara, Eyeliner or Eyeshadow?

How to Get Thick Eyebrows using Mascara, Eyeliner or Eyeshadow?

Tips for Dark Eyebrows

Not only pencils, even other eye makeup kit can help you out in your need. From this step by step tutorial, you can easily learn how to make eyebrows thicker with mascara or eyeliner or eyeshadow.
Use Mascara Eyeliner Or Eyeshadow
Step 1: Pick a color that suits your natural eyebrows.
Step 2: Choose a color that is lighter than your eyebrow color.
Step 3: Apply swatches and test for the color that suits you.
Step 4: Decide what you want to use to shade the eyebrows. You can choose between Mascara or Eyeliner.
Step 5: Start applying from the inner line and complete the outer border.
Step 6: Apply it evenly. Dont forget to complete other make-ups before going for eyebrow makeup.
Step 7: Blend the color evenly using eyebrow brush or q-tip.

Other simplest method to make eyebrows thicker is with the Eye shadows.
Step 1: Just dip the brush in the shade. Choose the color which is darker than your eyebrows.
Step 2: Stroke the brush on your eyebrows evenly.

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